How to Heal & Overcome Your Money Blocks So You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams, Even if You're New to the Process

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Sandy, Utah

9 AM - 4 PM MDT

$197 includes a manual and lunch for those attending in person.

Tickets are limited, so commit now to making your relationship with money a priority.

Virtual option available

The Money Transformation Workshop is a unique program that can help you overcome financial obstacles and transform your money mindset.

  • Uncover your money triggers and poverty thoughts so you can eliminate them, even if you don't know what they are.

  • Create your dream life to awaken and activate your subconscious even if you've never allowed yourself to do this before.

  • Identify where your poverty consciousness shows up so you can make informed choices.

  • Learn examples of activities to shift your money vibe so you can stay in the frequency of wealth.

  • Uncover the habits of the poor so you can stop doing them, even if you don't think you can change.

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Lark is dedicated to assisting others in overcoming poverty consciousness and generational scarcity programming. With her expertise born from practical life experience, she helps you identify and conquer your money blocks with practical advice and wisdom to help you move forward.

Despite growing up in poverty, Lark has overcome her childhood and family poverty mindset. She is now a successful multimillionaire, having earned multiple six-figure commissions in sales, with a master's degree in economics. She is also a devoted wife and mother to four adult children and four grandchildren. When asked about what she does for a living, Lark confidently replies, "Whatever I want."


I have loved Lark’s program! I have been a student and practitioner of manifesting for decades, but Lark has helped me supercharge myself and come into intentional manifesting powers in ways that have blown my mind. We truly are very equipped to have it all.

-Bronwen Oehlschlager

Rachel M. was a single mom living paycheck to paycheck. After working with me she went into commission sales, made more in a month than she had in a year, and manifested her dream Lexus. Now the sky is the limit as she continues to grow her commissions and plan the purchase of her dream home.

Being part of Lark's coaching program has been amazing! The tools, tips, coaching, guidance, seriously everything has been so rich and profound. I was hoping to experience real change in my life ... and I found what I was needing (and more)! I guess I intentionally manifested it! ... Anyhow, Lark really is the real deal! Susan Layton

I have loved being part of Lark’s coaching program. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but the tools I have gained are game changers! I trust myself more fully, I have a routine that is easy to follow, and I see results so fast! Like within hours of calling them in. It’s so fun to go after what I want. Do it! You won’t regret it. Tera Brown

Shamara P. spent thousands of dollars on other programs and mentors hoping for a breakthrough. Within her first hour of working with me, she experienced a massive shift.

Kathy W. wanted to get her amazing programs out to the world but wasn’t sure how to do it. After working with me she gained clarity and a road map for next steps.

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