Supporting your team through grief, loss, and transition is no small thing.

Learn practical skills for mental health, resiliency, and retaining focus and motivation through uncertain times.

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Grief in the Workplace

When a member of your team is grieving, you can either unintentionally alienate or support them through their difficult time. If you alienate them, you run the risk of losing a valuable employee. If you support them, you create a loyal employee who will be one of your greatest supporters.

As our world experiences upheavals, our practical training is crucial to retaining a motivated and loyal workforce and to attracting new employees from other companies lacking this essential education. With insight and skill, we help leaders take highly emotional topics and break them down into accessible knowledge and actionable steps.

About Lark

Lark financed her education at the University of Utah where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned an undergrad degree in Political Science/International Relations and a Masters degree in Economics. She worked for the Utah International Economic Development Office before switching into a career in sales where she earned multiple awards including the #1 Global Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 Company.

Lark has 25 years sales experience, is a graduate from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, was a professional sales and business coach, and is the owner of a trucking company. She is most proud of her book, Learning to Breathe Again, Choosing to Heal After Losing a Loved One to Suicide and has dedicated her life to supporting others through their grief and loss.