Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been having a difficult time in my life recently and have considered suicide. After reading your book, I realize I could never put my family through so much grief and pain. I want to give each one of my children copies of your book.

Kim D.

This book has brought up many emotions and much healing. After losing my husband, Chris, after 33 years together on April 6, 2019 (his 56th birthday) I have moved along, making sure our kids and grandkids are doing ok. I didn’t realize that I really hadn’t taken care of my own grief until I got into Lark’s story. 


Can’t put the book down. It is SO good. So well written, so insightful, so full of colorful detail. I love it. 


Lark, I had a break between classes this morning, and started reading your book. I was glued, and read it during every little break. My class ended at 11, and I have been reading since and finished it! I love when a book takes me away like that, doesn’t happen often, but it happened with your book. You did an incredible job telling your story in such a raw way. It really made me think, and gave me great insights. Thank you for sharing it with me.