On March 21, 2019, Lark experienced a devastating loss—the unexpected suicide of her 19-year-old son. Having already endured  her father’s suicide five years earlier, this second death hit especially hard. All expectations for the future were erased. Everything became difficult. Even breathing felt like a conscious decision.

This is the story of her raw and painful journey through  despair and grief; it is standing on the brink of an abyss ready to pitch into the darkness and making the very difficult decision  to step away from the edge. Lark shares how this decision to use her loss to bless the lives of others helped her to heal from both  her son’s and father’s suicides.

It is her desire to instill hope in those who wonder how, or even if, they can go on.

Praise for Learning to Breathe Again

Richard Paul Evans
Dr. Paul Jenkins
Leta Greene
Kandy Graves

As a parent, Lark’s book gave me much to think about. She doesn’t sugar coat their relationships, and her brutal honesty and vulnerability help the reader understand the heart of the family members. I have a son who is just five months older than Christian. Lark’s hard-won insights hit home and helped me come to needed realizations. I’m asking my husband to read the book, as well. I genuinely believe Christian’s story and his parents’ honest struggles will improve relationships and save lives.

Jodi Orgill Brown
The Sun Still Shines: How a Brain Tumor Helped Me See the Light

I highly recommend you read this book with your spouse and discuss the ideas and topics of the book with your children. You will find the book drives home the lessons of forgiveness, purpose, conversation, and parenting in a clear voice without ego of the author, but rather an honest loving account of the value of each human soul.”

Leta Greene
Author of
How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness
Love, Me Too and coming title More Laughter Than Tears

This was an extremely powerful message regarding the life and journey of Lark and her son, Christian. I appreciated the experiences Lark shares from her childhood and family dynamics that she references to bring perspective to her story.  Her courage to be vulnerable with her relationship as a mother to her children, especially Christian, was and is a true testimony to her commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  I recommend this book to all parents who have experienced the loss of a child and are trying to reconcile how they move forward with hope and peace.  

Cristie North
President, Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation