About Lark

I have recently felt called to help and serve those who struggle with their value and purpose. Having overcome immense personal challenges in my 50+ years of life, my empathy and compassion towards others continues to grow.

After working in the corporate world for 25 years, I left to run my father’s trucking company when he unexpectedly passed away from suicide after struggling with mental illness most of his life. Due to the stigma and shame associated with suicide, I could not bring myself to talk about how he died. Even some of my closest friends had no idea about the true nature behind his death.

Nine months after my father’s passing, I had streamlined the trucking company and was working only one hour a week. Realizing there were many entrepreneurs who could benefit from my experience, I started my own consulting business.

My 19 year old son’s suicide in March 2019 completely shook my world. As with my father’s suicide, I wanted to withdraw and hide the horrible truth around my son’s death. Realizing the possibility of copycat suicides amongst his friends, I felt compelled to speak out and raise awareness around suicide prevention. It was not until I started sharing my son’s story that I was finally able to heal from my father’s suicide.

My son’s death reinforced what I’d been hearing from many of my high achieving clients – they felt unworthy and incapable of reaching their goals. I went from coaching on the externals to focusing on why each person matters. My goal is to help 100,000 people choose to stay on this planet and step into their greatness. I do this in a variety of capacities using the tools and lessons learned from my own struggles.