Losing Family to Suicide – Interview Featuring Lark Galley 

Welcome to The Inspired Women Podcast. In today’s episode your host Megan Hall interviews Lark Galley.

After working in the corporate world for 25 years, Lark left to run her father’s trucking company when he passed away unexpectedly from suicide after struggling with mental illness for most of his life. Her business experience allowed her to streamline the company and nine months later she was working only one hour a week. Realizing there were many entrepreneurs who could benefit from her experience, Lark started her own consulting business.

Her 19 year old son’s suicide in March 2019 reinforced what she’d been hearing from many of her high achieving clients – they felt unworthy and incapable of reaching their goals. Lark went from coaching on the externals to focusing on why each person matters. Her goal is to help 100,000 people choose to stay on this planet and step into their greatness.

Topics Mentioned In This Episode

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