My Life Turned Completely Upside-Down…

When my son passed away, I struggled to find meaning and purpose and had little desire to do anything.

My Type A personality, which had always spurred me on to the next goal, achievement, or award seemed to be broken. I had to take a hard look at my “why” for answers as to what was worth even getting out of bed for anymore.

Fortunately, I found my “why” in helping others decide that their life was worth living.

What are Your Core Values? 

In addition to my “why”, I also needed to reexamine my values because what seemed so important in the past didn’t matter anymore.

Next were my relationships. Were my values in line with how I was showing up in my relationships? Suddenly, getting all my tasks accomplished at the cost of my relationships was no longer important to me. I needed to make some changes as to how I was showing up for those that mattered most to me.

How Do You Spend Your Time?    

Finally, I asked myself how I was spending my time. Were day-to-day activities in line with my values? What tool could I use to hold myself accountable to having a life that focused on my values, allowed me to achieve my goals, yet also prioritized relationships that were now more important to me than ever before?                

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Do I know how to prioritize and effectively schedule my day?

Are my day-to-day activities in line with my values?

How am I spending my time?

Am I ready to learn a different way?


I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. I found a system that allowed me to incorporate my values into my life from the very first moment of my day. I learned how to prioritize my relationships to ensure that I wasn’t letting tasks take over my life. I also learned how to break down and track my goals so that I had measurable success each day as I focused on building my own wealth.

My finances, my life and how I prioritize my time is completely different now, and I am finally creating the future that I wanted. I invite you to learn how you too can Create Your Intentional Life by taking my free course.

To your success,

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