5 Reasons You’ll Never Be Rich

My parents were entrepreneurs, so I guess you could say it’s in my blood. Since my earliest days, I defined success as having my own profitable company. For many years I held myself back from taking the “Big Leap ”. Now – with the time freedom I have – I wonder why I waited so long! Maybe, like me, your definition of success includes being your own boss but you’re worried about what this might mean for your financial future. Let’s explore 5 reasons why working for someone else will never make you rich!

1. You’re Building Someone Else’s Wealth    

When you work for someone else, you’re building their assets. An asset is something that puts money in your pocket every month. They could include your own business, investments, passive income, etc. Is a paycheck an asset? No, because if you stop working it stops showing up. Plus, with all your living expenses, you’re probably investing very little of it into assets of your own. If you had your own company, you’d still have expenses, but the ability to grow your company to the point that it keeps making more income will outweigh those expenses. Also, you can always sell your company later if you choose. You can’t sell your job.

2. Time is Greater Than Money    

The vast majority of jobs require you to trade your time for a salary. In exchange for a set number of hours each month, you receive a set number of dollars; however, I have come to appreciate a very valuable secret. You can always get more money, but you can never get your time back. When you work for yourself, however, you can just increase your rates when you need a pay raise. You decide when you work and who you work with.                            

3. You Save Instead of Invest 

Entrepreneurs and employees think very differently. Employees think they must have a large rainy day fund in case they get laid off. Entrepreneurs on the other hand are always looking to diversify and invest to increase their assets because they know it will give them a greater return than just putting away a percentage of their paycheck. You can invest in your own business, paper assets, property, network marketing, etc. The possibilities are endless and the barrier-to-entry lower than ever thanks to the Internet.                          

4. You’re Too Comfortable

When you work a job, you become too comfortable. You have an income which means you can pay your bills and put a little in savings each month. Many people ask themselves why they should take a big risk and potentially lose it all when they can just let things continue as they are. To become really wealthy in life, you have to take risks. Entrepreneurs are willing to put it all on the line and take the necessary risks to be successful. Do something to shake up your life. Take a risk and see where it might lead you.                        

5. You Stop Learning

When you work a 9 to 5 style job, it becomes really hard to continue educating yourself outside of work. By the time you get home from all that traffic, you’re tired and exhausted. People that work for others are comfortable and don’t really care about learning more. Entrepreneurs on the other hand are opportunists. They understand that if they can learn something before others, they can capitalize on it and make a lot of money.                            

So Are You Ready to Quit Making Others Rich and
Start Creating Your Intentional Life?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Do I want to continue living paycheck to paycheck?
How am I spending my time?
Are my day-to-day activities in line with my values?
Do I know how to invest in myself?
Am I complacent?
Am I ready to learn a different way?


I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you. I found a system that allowed me to incorporate my values into my life from the very first moment of my day. I learned how to prioritize my relationships to ensure that I wasn’t letting tasks take over my life. I also learned how to break down and track my goals so that I had measurable success each day as I focused on building my own wealth.

My finances, my life and how I prioritize my time is completely different now, and I am finally creating the future that I wanted. I invite you to learn how you too can Create Your Intentional Life by taking my free course.

To your success,

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