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You're most likely leaving money on the table...

Recognize & understand your personal money habits preventing you from the life you desire.

-Easily identify your personal money blocks

-Gain clarity on how to remove these blocks

-Implement the exercises to see immediate results

Check out what others are saying...

Make a Bigger Impact

Reach Your Income Goals

Life-Work Alignment

Have You Hit Your Own Glass Ceiling?

You know you can achieve more but aren't sure how to reach the next level

You're already maxed out on your time and feel burnt out and frustrated

At the end of the day you dread waking up the next morning

On the outside life looks great but inside you are barely hanging on

I Believe that Your REALITY Should Match Your VISION

Identify Your Money Blocks!

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I Have Walked the Path of Not Living Up to My "Potential"

There was a time that I had 3 young children while working in a corporate environment.

I had zero time left in my day, had lost a big client, and knew I needed to replace that income.
Within 30 days, I turned the ship around and manifested my #1 client (who I had never met before.)
I was awarded #1 Senior Global Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 company that year.

While this might not be your exact scenario, it's the tools and principles I learned that made the difference.
I want to teach them to you. Click the button to get the training.

3 simple steps to Get Started with Identifying Your Money Blocks

Access the Training

Identify your personal money blocks

Follow Instructions

Learn powerful exercises to promote change

Implement the Assignments

Experience changes in your money story

Eliminating Your Money Blocks Will Transform Your Life

Right now, things may seem out of alignment and frustrating. This training was created to identify the blocks that are holding you back from that big vision you've created. When you are finished, you will emerge with clarity and confidence. See what people have said below!


I have been a student and practitioner of manifesting for decades, but Lark has helped me supercharge myself and come into intentional manifesting powers in ways that have blown my mind. We truly are very equipped to have it all.

-Bronwen Oehlschlager

I listened to your training and knew immediately what my money block was. It just pierced me in my heart. I now know what I need to do to eliminate it. Rachel Morin

Queen of Money! In just 3 days my life has changed. Thank you, thank you, Lark!
Susan Layton

Money is fun and when I treat it like a game, it comes to me easily.
Tera Brown

Shamara P. spent thousands of dollars on other programs and mentors hoping for a breakthrough. Within her first hour of working with me, she experienced a massive shift.

Kathy W. wanted to get her amazing programs out to the world but wasn’t sure how to do it. After working with me she gained clarity and a road map for next steps.

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