Lark Dean Galley

What do you do when your carefully laid plans get demolished by events outside your control? Maybe you lose your job, get sick, or even have to deal with the loss of a loved one.

How do you pivot?

You can find your way through difficult times, just as I have, with the steps I want to share with you.

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This is a four week program that will help you get started with creating an intention for your Passion, Relationships, and Time.

In order to support you in Money, Mindset, and Mindfulness, I have co-founded the Tribe of Queens with #1 New York Times best selling author, Richard Paul Evans. We offer a monthly membership that includes four powerful coaching calls to assist you in leveling up your life.

How Can I Support You?

Learn how I incorporate my life’s mission into my relationships and daily activities. Being intentional about what you want allows you to create a life you love.

Money, Mindset, and Mindfulness — we need them all to have a truly enjoyable life. Why choose just one when you can have them all through the Tribe of Queens membership? 

After having excelled in the corporate world while raising a family, running my own business, and dealing with great personal loss, I probably have a good idea what you’re going through. 

From poverty to millionaire: 8 Steps to Creating More Money in Your Life

How to find the joy and resilience you need in 48 hours even if you’re completely overwhelmed, stressed, or facing an emotional crisis.

What You Need to Know to Gain Control of Your Life Right Now!

How to Raise Your Value and Find Balance & Fulfillment in all areas of your life!

How to get your ideal client to agree to meet with you in 3 minutes or less even if you’ve been unsuccessful in the past.

Learn the 5 Step System to Win Over Skeptics and Sell Like Crazy, Even in The Most Cut-Throat Markets.


Lark reached out when we were just getting started in our business. She offered so much help and advice, and led us to a fulfillment center that was perfect for us. Lark was geniunely helpful when we needed it the most, and got us off to a great start! 


 – Betsy Mikesell, Founder and CEO of Beddy’s

If you are looking for someone to mentor you in business, I would definitely suggest Lark, because she has a lot of tools in her pocket to help you!


 – Amanda Moncur, owner of Amanda Moncur Salon in SLC

Lark’s amazing program has practical systems that helped my team with their direct ROI. I highly recommend you bring in Lark to train your sales team.


 – Leta Greene, Crown Princess Leader of Million+ Team